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new art march/april/may


I thought this was pretty amazing, remixing youtube – thru-you. The visuals are quite nice, the audio is quite nice, that equals wellmmmm * quite nice overall i must say.

new web november

I subscribe to the archinect newsletter, and found an interesting call for submissions. The website for the project is (I like the removal of extra letters to keep the domain name short). The first issue is On Farming, and I have a small group that might be interested in creating a submission to bracket on this topic of traditional farming and farming under the different context of information/data.

The website uses an accordion interface element. I am working more with javascript libraries like jQuery to achieve nice, simple transition effects like bracket uses on their web page.

I can see how digital design can be used for involvement in architecture, and the issues that we are facing as people.

new art november

The largest prize pool (over $220,000) challenge ever – Myths & Legends – is taking place over at CGSociety.

It will be interesting to see what ideas are entered this year. The deadline for entries is February 3rd.

To view winners of another CGSociety competition that merges 2d and 3d, check out the NVArt Design Fusion winners.

Update: The winning image.

new web august

4 Color Rebellion has always been a cool site to visit. I fell in love with the basic post elements this site incorporates. It sounds like they are getting ready for a redesign. Don’t mess it up! I am helping out on the css side of things. It is exciting to work with such a cool staff.

new art august

Sandy Skoglund, Fox Games, 1989. This piece was very interesting to walk around but my favorite view was from the 4th floor in the DAM, looking down over the ledge. The foxes were coming back for their children. There was one red fox (not pictured) with something in its mouth. I found the scene very dynamic and with the dominating red environment, it was easy to become involved in the scene. I see that the artists website shows an installation with the colors reversed.

One other note is that the tables and chairs give this sort of proper, decorated feeling, contrasting with the wild, invisible foxes.

new web july

The web is always evolving and always getting more interesting. You will find the latest inspired web projects right here at design is casual.

new art july

In the fast and complex art world, here is where the latest art criticism, history, or work will be featured.