hello, this is the home of the html5/css3 casual theme and children for wp.

casualtheme is a mininal theme. the concept was to use as little code as possible, while at the same time understand as much as possible with wordpress.

casual is designed as a base, barebones html5 theme, and is ready for children*.

some ideas for child themes -
- translating across multiple devices including smartphones.
- using jquery or other libraries to ajaxify wordpress for use as a web app.
- a no nonsense basic blog for casually sharing thoughts on video games.

see examples at http://www.designiscasual.com/

on the bottom of the site is a pay online link, if you would like to make a donation to me :)

thank you and happy pressing,


*theme limitations -
- menu is a little wacky if too many items get up there. I would limit your main navigation to as few nested items as possible. otherwise build a childtheme with your own menu ideas.
- the header is small, so whatever cool thing you can fit in 635px × 45px will set you apart!
- sidebar appears at the bottom, and you can hide or turn it off by commenting out get_sidebar();

please contact design is casual for more information and questions about using this theme.

license / gpl3